Looking back on 2012 JBD, installed 2 5BB Breweries, 3 10BB Breweries, 3 20BB Breweries, 1 25BB Brewery, and, 1 Craft Distillery. Alongside this we refurbished 2 Breweries, supplied over 6 cask washers, and helped numerous Breweries with small improvements to their existing Breweries. So for helping us to achieve our most successful year we would like to thank the customers we worked with, and wish them successful brewing for the future.

So thank you among others to Twickenham Fine Ales Brewery, Tiny Rebel Brewery, Long Man Brewery,Eden Brewery, Navigation Brewery, Harthill Village Brewery, 9 Standards Brewery, Strathbraan Brewery and not forgetting the remarkable Daniel Thwaites PLC, Dingle Distillery, and the Free Wheel Brewery in California.