JBD manufacture and install Craft Brewery for Daniel Thwaites PLC

The manufacture and installation of a Craft Brewery for the prestigious Brewer Daniel Thwaites was a great way for Johnson Brewing to see out 2011 and welcome 2012. Providing a facility which allows these expert Brewers to innovative and create  new brews and provides the flexibility for short runs. The 30bb Craft Brewery is sited alongside the main ” Star ” Brewery in Blackburn and the installation faced a few challenges however with at one stage an exterior wall being removed to allow installation.

That the investment, planning and effort were worthwhile though can be confirmed by the operation of this First Class new Brewery and the stream of new Beers already flowing from it.

Sow,Reap and Brew

The growth in demand for Cask beer has created a new opportunity for Britain’s farmers.The Cask beer market has proven to be an attractive alternative to traditional Farming .During 2012 JBD has manufactured and installed new cask breweries in three rural locations, and these new breweries have proven so successful that one of these Breweries is already looking to expand their capacity as they strive to meet demand for their beers. To highlight the opportunity JBD has decided to place an advertisement in the National Farmer publication for the first time, with the intention of highlighting this opportunity for diversification and in the hope that more farmers will see the opportunity to improve the profitability of their farm that Cask Beer Brewing offers.