Great Yorkshire Brewery’s 30 brl

Early 2015 saw the JBD team heading to Cropton to install Great Yorkshire Brewery’s swanky new 30 brl Kit

Manufactured in our works in Tottington, Lancashire over the last few months of 2014, with auto-discharge MT, steam jacketed Copper/Whirlpool, 6 30brl DPV’s, 2 30brl BBT’s, 4 head cask washer, duplex 27 kw Glycol chillers and full turnkey installation

Tiny Rebel Expansion

July 2014

2 new 25 barrel FV’s and a new HLT for Tiny Rebel gives Wayne a trip out installing to allow Gareth and the boys future joys of double brew days.
Returns victorious with ‘T-shirt and beer!’